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Bat Exchange Table For The FP Baseball Community

Welcome to the Bat Exchange Table
Here you can update the community on an old bat that your son or daughter grew out of.
Or if you are searching for a bat, you can let everyone know.

To get started, you just need to click on the table.  You will then be presented with 3 options.

ADD  – Create a new line in the table.  Use when you have a bat to offer or for sale or in search of.
EDIT – Update an existing entry in table.  Use when updating more information on the bat.
DELETE – Delete a entry in the table.  Use when a bat has been exchanged or sold and no longer available.

wdt_ID Name Email Offer Manufacturer Model Length Weight Drop Notes Link Sample
1 Barney Rubble Free Easton 29 18 11
2 Bob Barker Free Marucci Posey 28 25 15 10 Brand new
3 Fred Flintstone Free Easton 27 16 10 Great condition
4 Darth Vader 4 Sale Louisville Slugger 32 32 12 Used only once
5 Morris Buttermaker Wanted Demarini Looking for the a Demarini 21 to try out. Might purchase one for my team
6 Willy Wonka Free Rawlings Vodoo Balance One 28 18 10 Its a Vodo Balance One. About 3 years old.