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All-Star Policy

Summer Baseball – All Star Policy

Process for All-Star Team Selection

The baseball club’s goal is to place as many players on competitive summer teams as possible. The club has developed the following guidelines:

Player’s will only be eligible to play summer baseball (All Stars) with their regular season league group as defined by a first year league player or a second year league player. In some cases it is possible for players to be playing a third year in the Minor and Major Leagues. That third year player is eligible for the second year team only.

A Player who was asked by the program to play up in the next league level during the regular season has an option for summer (All Star) baseball. He/She may choose eligibility to play with the first year team in the league they were asked to play in or to play with the team they would have been eligible for had they not been asked to play up a level. The option to play with their age eligible group remains with that player for as long as they play in that league. This exception does not apply to players who requested to play up at the next level.

Selection process:

* The All Star teams will be selected based upon the ranking of the players by the
League Managers after the end of season ratings are complete.

* The rankings in each League will be split into two groups:
1. First year players
2. Second or third year players.

* End of the season ratings will be performed in the same manner as in previous
years by the League’s Managers and will take into consideration:

Performance throughout the season
Performance at clinics

Fairness is the keystone of the All-Star selection process. All managers of the regular season teams in each eligible age group will participate by offering their own evaluation of the attributes of each player such as hitting, pitching, throwing, defense, base running, attitude, game knowledge, attendance and effort. Players in each age group will be evaluated and ranked numerically by the consensus of the managers strictly based on performance during the current season. No prejudgments will be made as to a player’s desire or availability to participate.

After the players in an age group have been ranked using this procedure, the list is given to the person designated by the League Director to contact each player on the list in the exact order of ranking to extend invitations to participate until the roster limit as determined by the All-Star Team Manager(s) and Director is reached. All-Star managers have no input to the ranking process unless they are also a regular season manager.

Minimally, players ranked one through nine will be invited to play on the primary All Star team for that group. Should any player ranked one through nine decline the offer to play on that team, they would not be eligible for any other All Star teams formed by the league. However, upon approval of the Board, players ranked ten and above, choosing not to play on the primary All Star Team if invited, could be eligible for another league formed All Star team. The Board shall consider coaching needs and extraordinary individual player circumstances in making their determination.

At the time each player is invited to join the team, the substantial time commitment and related fees will be made clear to the player’s parents. Players must be fully available from the end of regular season play through the end of the Summer All-Star program. Parents and players must be made aware of the significant differences between summer and regular season programs (e.g., no minimum playing time, need for position flexibility, etc.) in order to avoid any misunderstandings during the season.