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Batting Cage


The batting cage is for the exclusive use of the FLORHAM PARK BASEBALL CLUB, INC.
Only Coaches who have met the requirements of the Baseball Club are allowed to bring players to use the Batting Cage.
• Only 1 batter in the cage at a time.
• Only Approved Coaches can be in the Cage with a batter.
• Team use must have at least two Approved Coaches in attendance to monitor the players outside the Cage waiting to hit.
• Coaches pitching or tossing to a batter must be behind the protective Screen at all times when batter is hitting.
• Coaches are strongly recommended to wear a protective helmet when in the Cage pitching or tossing to a batter.
• Batters must wear helmets at all times.
• Lock cage upon completion of your session.
• Please keep the cage combination confidential.
• Clean all garbage after your session.
• Practice pitching mounds are to be shared by all using the Cage.
• All sessions, both team and individual must be booked with the Cage Director.
To book Cage time Call. All Cage appointments must be confirmed. You can book a cage time on Sunday after 12 pm for the following week. You can book 1 time and reserve a 2nd time, if no other team wants your reserve time it’s yours. You will reserve 1 cage and share the pitching area; if no one is booked in the 2nd cage you can use it.

• Sliding Mat is located in the Shed next to Cage for use outside of cage for sliding drills. The Sliding Mat should never leave the Cage area and must be stored in the Shed when not in use.

• A first aid kit shall be located in the Shed next to Cage, which should not leave the cage area.

If a Coach notices the first aid kit missing, they must immediately notify